Cha-Am Project


The trend towards “doing not having” will play a decisive role. People in the Western is no longer want to be judged by what they can buy, but by what they do and how much experience they can gain. Luxury is no longer means “the most expensive”, but the experience of what can not be bought, such as health and well being.

The tourism industry is subject to a permanent change and adaptation of offers. Rest and sightseeing only is no longer enough for the guests. In addition to sports activities and leisure activities, the spa area has been providing a positive development for the hotel industry for some years now.

This offer has been further developed into an independent medical wellness area. Medical wellness is more than just wellness with exotic massages and treatments from all over the world. In collaboration with highly qualified doctors, the Private Palace Cha-Am will offer the guests a unique medical service. This offer will receive a special emphasis in the planned hotel. The necessary know-how stands in the many years of experience of the partner Dr. Ing. Michael Hutter as a practicing physician and from the operation of four clinics in Germany. The Private Palace Hotel aims to be market leader in Cha-Am and Hua-Hin (about 20 km away). So far, medical wellness does not offer a hotel as planned in the ChaAm / Hua Hin region. The demand for medical wellness offers, a relaxed holiday environment and a perfect service in the hotel thus focuses on the higher quality hotels in the 4 and 5 * area, this development will be even stronger.

It is therefore a logical decision to plan the Private Palace Hotel Cha-AM in a tourist growth region with an outstanding offer (wellness medical).

In Cha-Am currently 16 hotels and in Hua-Hin almost 60 hotels offer their rooms on the internet. All major hotels from 50 rooms in the concerned region can be booked online.

The hotels in Cha-Am and Hua-Hin are mainly run by well-known hotel chains, this is especially true for the higher quality Hotels. In the 5 * area, the supply is not pronounced, although in the last five years, the significant growth rates have been achieved in these hotels.