Cha-Am Project


Medical check-ups will be carried out as part of the Medical Spa. In addition, ultrasound examinations, photoplethysmography, color duplex sonography, light reflection rheography, pulse oximetry, ECG, lung function measurements, eye and hearing tests, age scans and laser therapy of skin lesions are performed. There are cooking classes for special health-promoting foods offered, staggered after existing possible underlying diseases such. As diabetes mellitus, liver disease, kidney damage, food allergies u. v. m.

The guests are further given the connection between healthy nutrition and sports activities by trained sports physiotherapists. Thus, cooperation are entered into with the surrounding golf courses. Own water activities are natural. Individual nutritional advice as well as the creation of individual sports programs for each individual are developed, to the individual care by experienced therapists. The special offer includes Pilates, Qi Gong as well as Thai, Chinese and Indian healing methods. Special cooking classes are offered for guests’ meals.