Cha-Am Project


Short description:

Private Palace Hotels and Resorts are planning to build a 5-star-plus brand directly in beach location. The room capacity is 300
rooms and suites. The qualities of the hotel will be among the top in Asia, especially through the combination of location, concept, medical wellness and equipment. The design is created by an international hotel resorts award winner – a German-Spanish architectural office. The hotel area is equipped with the latest energy-saving systems, which is also used for PR measures. The selection of the rooms with the best lake view here will be 100%.


Thailand has a good reputation about its extensive offer in the wellness area. The art of healing has a long history in Thailand’s tradition. The aim is in order to take advantage of these location and to offer the medical wellness in a creatively designed hotel complex. The holistic treatment, in which soul, body and spirit can find each other again, are the guests from most different areas delight.


The modern recreation center Cha-Am is located less than 200 km in the South of Bangkok on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Convenient traffic access to the neighboring Hua-Hin, where a livelier bustle in the shops, restaurants and bars can be found.

Market leadership:

The Private Palace Hotel Cha-Am aims for a market leadership in term of medical wellness in the region. The Private Palace Hotel planned in Cha-Am can rely on the existing know-how of the German corporate group with its four hotels and four clinics

Target groups:

The targeted groups are primarily from Europe, but also from America and Asia. Especially Europeans, they love the combinations from first-class medical wellness in a prime location in conjunction with exceptionally friendly staffs and they are ready to pay this for highest prices.


The area is approximately 24,000 square meters and will be received a landscaped garden. The total usable area will be approximately 25,000 square meters, and the medical wellness area will account for 3,500 square meters.

Investment volume:

Based on the available information, the currently investment volume is determined to be an amounts of 19.5 million Euro.

Operating concept:

The operator concept is provided a management contract with Private Palace Hotels & Resorts.

Project Brochure