Cha-Am Project


The unique features of the project consist in the conceptual orientation of the entire facility on medical wellness. In particular, the possibility of health check-ups in combination with a healthy diet that is individually tailored to the individual guest is the world leader. The highly qualified opportunities arise from the fact that the owner of the Private Palace Hotels and Resorts is also the owner of anti-aging clinics and other specialist clinics in Europe. For example, the world president of all plastic surgeons works in our clinic (Eilenriede Klinik) in the exhibition and expo city of Hanover. Otherwise there is the possibility of international to invite recognized doctors and professors to Thailand for lectures, demonstrations and treatments, further enhancing the attractiveness of the facility. The hotel will be a combination of exclusive suites, club suites, spa suites, 2-bedroom suites and luxurious double rooms and apartments. Single floors are reserved exclusively for Private Palace Medical Spa Club guests. The spa facility will have a size of over 3500 square meters