Cha-Am Project


The Private Palace Hotel and Resorts will have various theme restaurants, in particular there will be an indoor and outdoor restaurant. Thus, a Thai restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant and a Scandinavian restaurant will be built.

In addition to the restaurants, there will be offers the context of medical wellness concepts with not only healthy food, but would also perform particularly healthy ingredients and a particularly healthy preparation of the food.

The indoor restaurants will have a seating capacity of 800 seats and will be located on the ground floor of the hotel. The outdoor restaurant on the beach will have a seating capacity of 250 seats. Moreover, a sea pavilion is planned to have a floor area of ​​1600 square meters and will be distributed about 600 seats on the second floor. This waterfront restaurant is accessed through a stable land-based jetty. Due to the special location and equipment, this restaurant will be particularly frequented. Additionally, a large ballroom with a total of 1000 seats as well as six separated smaller function rooms for weddings and other family celebrations with a capacity of 20-200 people will be built.

Last but not least, a sky bar will be erected on the roof of the building with a capacity of 150 seats. Internationally renowned gourmet chefs are engaged in gourmet festivals from Europe, America and Asia to further increase their attractiveness.