Cha-Am Project


The spa is a highly complex medical wellness facility.

These include medical examination rooms for doctors and physiotherapists, nutrition specialists and physical education teachers. Medical check-ups are carried out, including cardiac examination, ultrasound, color duplex examinations for the examination of the Circulation, hearing and vision tests, pulmonary function tests, weight determinations, determination of the biological age, predispositions for certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, circulatory disorders etc.

Nutrition specialists will define an individual nutrition program for the guests and will implement it together with the guests. Through the courses, they will learn the preparation and will be prepared for nutrient-containing preparation forms. Physiotherapists and Sports physicians will explain to the guests particularly suitable movement exercises and sports and also practice this together with the guests in the context of individual or group exercises.

Pilates and Qi Gong, Ayurveda and Indian, Chinese and Thai dietary guidelines and massages will be taught to strengthen the on-site treatment team, international medicine will be held every month for lectures and treatments flown.

All kinds of Thai massage and many other Asian massage types will be offered. In addition, a variety of European spa services will also be available as the Private Palace Hotels and resorts are a leading spa resorts in Europe.

These included:

Floating pool Foot bubble-bath Roman
Room of silence Organic herbal steam bath stone sauna
Private Palace Gemstone steam grotto Kneipp pool
Julius Grotte Lion-ice grotto Finnish sauna
tepidarium Caledorium Adventure snails showers
Royal Floating laconium Russian banya