The Star of Marrakech


The hotel will be built in an optimal location in Marrakech in a southerly direction out from the town centre. Thus the Atlas Mountains with their snow-covered peaks will be within reach of the hotel. This top location inspired the internationally renowned garden and event artist, André Heller, to make a unique paradise garden in this part of the dessert. This garden will be part of the overall concept and our hotel will border directly on the paradise garden, which was formerly used as a rose farm. Today the garden serves as a place to recover, relax and reflect and invites one to enjoy the unique natural beauty. The location of the paradise garden and the hotel is truly one of a kind. Close to the Atlas Mountains the topsoil is moister and thus more fertile. The climate is markedly more comfortable due to the higher altitude, the air is healthier, clearer and overall a lot cooler. This guarantees the retention of guests in the months of high summer and that they will have a very pleasant stay even in these months. The price of land is very high in this area, since it is extremely sought after, with the distance from the centre of Marrakesh being only very small. In just 20 minutes you can reach the medina of Marrakech. The hotel’s own shuttle will be used for the purpose. The price of land in the unique area will increase in the future, whereby its use as land for building residences is normally excluded. In the region the land is solely usable as green spaces. Our project, exclusively, gained the special case authorisation from the government, including the possibility to construct high-value private villas in the direct surroundings of the paradise garden and our 5-star hotel resort. The proprietors of these villas will be VIP guests in our hotel, use the Royal Medical Spa, increase the turnover from the restaurant, bar and wellness centre and are, like the hotel guests, very welcome in the paradise garden. Thus the project exemplifies a win-win situation.