Private Palace Consulting

Mission Statement

Private Palace – a world class brand

Private Palace Hotels & Resorts offer first class full-service hospitality; within 4plus to 5 star ranges.
Every hospitality offer must be relevant to the market it serves. Based on trust, fuelled by passion.
We manage hotels and resorts, people, relationships and other peoples’ properties.
The marketing and sales initiatives of Private Palace are aggressive and proactive to built brand
awareness and to drive revenue and profit.
With our own history as property owner, we understand property owners or investor groups and
their needs better than most other hospitality management companies.

Our 100% guest satisfaction guarantee is there to proof it. We are empowering every individual
employee to make it right.
Private Palace is famous for its unique level of service, supreme sophistication and attention to detail,
and this only in the very best places of the world.
Celebrating regional culture Private Palace offers guests a sophisticated and unforgettable taste of
local colour, architectural excellence, stylish surroundings, complete comfort, absolute service, sensuous
spas, treats and continuous re-invention.