Private Palace Consulting

Welcome and Highlights

A warm Welcome

Dedicated to continuous innovation and the highest standards
of hospitality, Private Palace Hotels embodies a true home
away from home for those who know and appreciate the best.
Apart from the comfort of the room, the beauty of the interior
design, or the calmness of Royal Beauty & Vital Spa, it’s the
people of Private Palace Hotels who make each stay so
exceptional. Our culture is personified in its employees – people
who share a single focus and are dedicated, highly skilled and
inspired to offer great service. Their outstanding talents and
ablilities confirm our confidence in achieving our growths
objectives for 2009 and beyond.

Since our Company´s success is absolutely dependent on
extraordinary performance, we never can afford to rest on
our laurels with such a mission. Let´s review some key
performance metrics:
• Total revenues for 2008 grew 19,4 %
• Room occupancy for 2004 reached 81,3 %
• Our financial performance has created
exceptional growth in value for 2008: 10,9 %
By striving to build the best team of people
in the industry, we are all acting decisively
on our bedrock commitments to create guest loyalty through
superior execution, to give back to the communities in which
we operate, and to maximize long-term shareholder value.

We are uncompromising in our attention to quality and relentless in our pursuit of superior execution. We obsessover building guest loyalty. We are passionate in our quest by delivering outstanding services and delicious food exceeding guest expectations at all of our properties.
We are fully dedicated to the long-term growth
in the value of the investments in our company.